Message From Chief Resident

18 Sep 2020, 19:47 Harry Ridwan Dibaca : 980

 It is a pride for us to have an own website to share to public that we have an own website to share to public. This website is designed for those who seek news about cardiovascular subjects and about our community of cardiovascular resident doctor of Faculty of Medicine of Padjadjaran University. We called ourselves as KOREJAT which means “a community of cardiology residents”.  As a community, we are not comprised by ourselves as a group of resident doctors, but also by our families, the colleagues from other subjects or universities, as well as other people who get interested in cardiovascular fields. That’s why this website is important in purpose of sharing information and bridging communication to you all. Beside this website, we also have published 4-monthly magazines called as HEARTBEAT since 2012.

     Overall, cardiovascular medicine is a fantastic subject! Cardiovascular field is growing fast along with sophisticated and exciting technologies. Advances in basic cardiovascular researches, prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of heart disease in recent years have been widely reported and published. However, cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of mortality and the major challenge in health around the world, including Indonesia. Nevertheless, we clinicians always have to update our knowledge and improve our skills related to cardiovascular medicine.

     It’s a great pleasure to have a warm family as KOREJAT to develop ourselves as cardiologists to be. We hope that we can grow up as far as we can in this togetherness. Furthermore, we are glad to share the warmth of our community to you all, by this website. I hope that we can grow together as more professional, full-dedicated, reliable, creative, inspiring, and emphatic doctors ahead.  We can do that! 

     The last but not the least, we’d like to welcome you as our new friends by this website. Please enjoy our website, and we hope that it is worthwhile for you.